Invest in Metadata

Recently I had a discussion with a colleague about an effort he was making to classify our enterprise wiki content.
His prime motivation was the difficulty to track what was published, who publishes what and where different information are located. Thus he was investing in building a directory for the wiki, by providing categorized links to the pages of interest.
Seeing this, I couldn’t agree less.

5 Things You Can Try to Get Back Wasted Commute Time

Do you get stuck in the traffic jam everyday while commuting to work?
Would you like to make use of this wasted time? Read on.
I usually spend a couple of hours commuting to/from work every day.
Sitting behind my steering wheel listening to the radio was not very rewarding.
So I started exploring how I could better invest this lost time.

An Octopress/Vagrant Experiment

In my spare time, I like to try and learn new software technologies. For this I use my Windows laptop. The problem is that after several cycles of installing and removing stuff, the laptop become slow. Its performance keep degrading with time until I take some time to reset its installation and reconfigure things.

Recently, after struggling with ruby installation on Windows I decided to reconsider Linux. Since I needed windows for other reasons, I decided to try using virtualization. I started by using VirtualBox to configure a Linux guest machine. While discussing this with a friend, he suggested trying Vagrant.