5 Things You Can Try to Get Back Wasted Commute Time

Do you get stuck in the traffic jam everyday while commuting to work?
Would you like to make use of this wasted time? Read on.
I usually spend a couple of hours commuting to/from work every day.
Sitting behind my steering wheel listening to the radio was not very rewarding.
So I started exploring how I could better invest this lost time.

From among the things I tried, these are the once that worked well.

1. LibriVox

LibriVox brings you free recordings of books available in the public domain. You can listen to free audio books from any connected device or even burn them onto a CD.

2. Commercial audio books

If the book you’re interesting in is not in the public domain, you might find a commercial audio version. Either on CD or a downloadable one, there are a lot of offers out there.

3. Ted Talks

Listen to free talks on a large variety of subjects. Whatever your interest is, there’s a chance you find interesting and inspiring talks on the subject. Ted app let you download the talks for offline viewing.

4. Online courses

If it happens that you’re following an online course, you can make use of the commute time to listen to the courses videos. Most of the platforms let you download the videos for offline viewing. Efficiency of this approach will depend on how much you need your eyes on the screen to understand the content. What worked for me was listening to the video while commuting, and then reading the slides once back home.

5. Google Play Books Reader

You can make use of the Text-to-speech for Google Play content to read e-books. For this you need to activate the “Read aloud” option form the top menu. It only works with EPUB files, and I recommend activating the “High quality voice” option for a better listening experience.

photo credits: Audiobook_logo_small (license), So many MOOCs (license)