Building a Software Development Team

Trying to build an effective software development team ? Here are some key elements that might help you.

Building a Software Development Team


Provide a SCRUM training for the team

Convince all team members take the lead in a round robin fashion on the scrum ceremonies facilitation (Sprint Review & Planning, Retrospectives …)

Define the DoR : Definition of Ready

Clear Acceptance test
Shared minimal design

Define the DoD : Definition of Done

Build pipeline is green
Minimal documentation

Regular Backlog Grooming
Poker Estimation

Story point as time unit is not allowed


Configure a continuous integration pipline

Build (includes unit tests)
Code Inspection
Integration Tests
Performance Tests
Automate Tests

Define Quality Gates

Build Pipline Monitor


TDD / Test First

Clean Code

Simple Design

First make it work, then make it simple, only then make it fast

Understandable code

Clear Naming
Comment Unclear Parts of Code
Self-documenting Code
Cohesive Methods and Classes

Follow the Boy Scout Rule Leave your code better than you found it

Team Work

Define Work Agreements

Collective Code Ownership

Define Team Coding Conventions

Continuous Improvement Culture

Improvement and exploration tasks are part of the sprint backlog